I firmly believe that you don’t get anywhere in this biz being like everybody else. I shot some girls soccer the other night and had the dangerous combination of nice light and time to kill so I decided to get a little weird. I knew I had enough straight action shots to make sports happy so I started to shoot tight with my long glass, I mean really tight. Whenever the action got so close it more than filled the frame I stayed with the 300 rather than grabbing my bailout and shooting wide. It was a challenge and resulted in some frame I like but the will likely never see the sports page. Think I’ll be trying this again soon since it pairs very well with shooting things much wider than normal such as here.

ADAM VOGLER ~ Oak Ridge catcher Dakota Zoellner tries to pick-off a base runner stealing second during the Wildcats' 5-3 loss to the Leopold Blue Jays Wednesday, April 18

Sure when you do this sort of thing you get a lot of misses, I’ve been trying to shoot the above photo for about three years now and I still don’t think I have it where I want, but if you don’t take chances with your shooting all you’re going to end up with is the same ‘ol thing. As cameras get easier and easier to use what separates those who are able to make a living pressing a button is going to be more about vision than technical ability. So be different, break the conventional rules, do the ‘wrong,’ thing and shoot weird.  You’ll get something the other guy never even thought of.

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