I was assigned to shoot some weather art this afternoon only the weather didn’t cooperate. We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain here in Southeast Missouri with more expected through the week so I was sent out to get some shots of it as a standalone, only problem was that it pretty much stopped raining as soon as I headed out. I had the idea to shoot some macro shots of raindrops on flowers, I know, it’s a cliche but I’ve never actually done it before, but was faced with yet another problem, I don’t have a macro lens or any extension tubes.

My education and experience as a photojournalist aided by watching a lot of MacGyver as a child have taught me to never let a little thing like not having the proper equipment get in the way of  getting a photo or completing an assignment so I improvised. I manually set my 50 1.8 wide open with the focus at infinity and held it in my hand adjusting the distance between the back of the lens to my camera and the front of the lens to the subject to focus and using some gaffer tape and cinefoil as an “extension tube,” and I was in business.

My failure rate was really, really high as my cameras light meter was almost useless and focusing accurately was next to impossible with the extremely shallow depth of field and the fact that I was, shakily, hand holding everything. An unexpected aspect of this was the changing of the focus plane which resulted in some rather interesting results. I wasn’t able to spend to much time with this since I needed to get a more traditional found feature but I’m certainly going to play around with this some more in the future.













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