ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Justin Landewee.


I spent most of the last nine days working on the 2013 All-Missourian team photos for the Spring. The best high school athletes in our coverage area for baseball, girls soccer and track descended upon our studio to have lights flashed in their faces. All told I moved 390 portraits. That’s not a typo I worked up 390 portraits. 

Portraits have never really been my thing, I tend to do better reacting to people and predicting their behavior than I am at directing them. I wanted things to look natural and comfortable so for the most part I had them do things that they were familiar with, such as going through their swinging/kicking/throwing motion or simple poses like stand there and look here.I wanted to have a pose that would be unique for each athlete so we shot 10-15 looks for each kid and ran between 8-12 photos of each one in the galleries, hence the huge total number of moved photos. My strategy was to get them into a position and then either wait for a moment to occur or create one by causing a genuine reaction rather than having them “smile for the camera.” I have to admit by the end I was REALLY running out of ideas.

This is the first time that I’ve born the brunt of this twice annual assignment. I’ve picked up a couple of kids here and there in the past but I’ve never shot the bulk of them like I did this time. It was a fun, though draining, experience, but I’m looking forward to being able to do something like this again in the future.

We ran them in color (you can see the complete galleries here) but I like them in BW since I feel like it gives the collection a greater sense of visual continuity and it’s my blog so there. Here are some of my favorites.

Thanks for looking!



ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Chase Simmons.






ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Taylor Rinda.


ADAM VOGLER ~ Jackson's Paden Wachter.


ADAM VOGLER ~ Chaffee's Jared Walker.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Chase Simmons.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Saxony Lutheran's Maci Daniel.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Oran's Addie Kielhofner.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Sarah Lawrence.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Oran's Kody Moore.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Notre Dame's Jordan Barber.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Scott City's Brett Dirnberger.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Kelly's Samantha Ratledge.




ADAM VOGLER ~ Saxony Lutheran's Ali Galemmo.





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